Breeder of Cockapoo & Schnoodle puppies in New York. & South Carolina Specializing in,   Miniature Cockapoos , Toy and Miniature Schnoodles. Cockapoos SC, Cockapoos NY,South Carolina,New York.

Healthy Miniature Cockapoo  and Schnoodle Puppies for sale from breeder in NY,
Home raised  for healthy and well-adjusted puppies born from DNA tested  parents.
First and Multi-Gen  puppies,
variety of colors: 
hypo-allergenic,and low shedding.

BarMor's specializes in raising healthy and well-adjusted Cockapoo and Schnoodle puppies.
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DNA tested Parents.

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First Generation and F1b Miniature Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in South Carolina,and NY  Reputable, Honest Cockapoo Breeder of Toy and Mini Cockapoos.
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Mini poodle puppies available